Publishing Real Time Conversations

In early 2007, I held a series of conversations with professionals about several subjects that are still quite thematic today. Despite them being real time in format on the site, I also created portable versions of the documents.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the main themes we discussed and looking at their relevance four years later. Starting with Tom Clifford, or Director Tom, and the idea of taking your brand from commodity to community.

Since we're talking about stories, I'll give you the back story on the series. It started as a result of a conversation I had with Mark Goren. Our thread on why is storytelling so compelling in marketing? Is still quite current.

We talked at length about measurement. The PDFs include salient quotes from the comments as well.

I designed the PDFs myself, and I'm sorry to say I don't have the original files anymore as they were in a PC where the hard drive just quit and I had no back up. What you see as part of this post was something I miraculously salvaged because the files where in this site's archives.

  • Has the conversation about branding and storytelling advanced much in the last four years? 
  • If you could teach your self then what you know now, would you be ahead?
  • What has changed in the business context?


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