Begin Anywhere


This is my mantra for execution: Begin anywhere.

A few suggestions from my list of 100 thoughts on marketing that makes business sense:

  1. keep your promises
  2. listen
  3. be relevant
  4. make the product your marketing
  5. help customers rock
  6. simplify
  7. be short on Website pages, long on user experiences
  8. optimize the relationship, not the click throughs
  9. let the user guide your next steps
  10. offer multimedia for learners and readers with different styles/preferences
  11. use your content and smarts to elevate the other
  12. realize that the most important person on the phone is the customer
  13. ask questions and listen
  14. get personal and stay personable
  15. communicate often, simply, kindly
  16. be engaged and participate
  17. make it easy to deal with you by being where people are
  18. learn, improve, innovate
  19. liberate your inner fan
  20. make your business processes the center
  21. change assumptions
  22. think community vs. transactions
  23. collaborate internally
  24. create value
  25. stay passionate
  26. remain authentic
  27. be open to change
  28. provide a platform for customers to find others with like interests
  29. build interaction in your conversations
  30. integrate, connect the dots, connect
  31. breathe life into what you do
  32. create magic
  33. learn to speak your customer's language
  34. test your ideas with the marketplace
  35. play
  36. use games to accelerate learning
  37. allow your fans to brag about your products and services
  38. let your employees be evangelists
  39. observe more, judge less
  40. watch the social triggers that make stuff happen
  41. figure out where you can be more transparent
  42. streamline your onboarding
  43. be relevant
  44. learn
  45. begin anywhere
  46. go the extra mile
  47. smile
  48. be contagious
  49. think long term, prepare to excel each moment
  50. share
  51. think relationships
  52. keep the fire in your belly burning
  53. make guides
  54. use brochures as inspiration souvenirs
  55. make your marketing materials fun
  56. delight and surprise (in a good way)
  57. give customers useful data about themselves
  58. provide a better context around customer experience
  59. communicate more
  60. contribute to meaningful conversations
  61. slow down
  62. talk to the people who want to talk with you
  63. deal with challenges
  64. overdeliver
  65. collaborate
  66. improve
  67. discover the deep emotional associations with your brand
  68. find out when to dial in intimacy and camaraderie
  69. find your tribe and lead it
  70. make your coupons collectibles
  71. audition customers for private screenings/previews of your new product
  72. help your customers do more with you and with less stuff
  73. be agile
  74. adapt
  75. be portable – mobile is the next technology
  76. be sincere
  77. cultivate relationships and ideas
  78. earn your media
  79. break down silos
  80. help build networks of interest and communities of practice
  81. connect networks with each other
  82. invest in your customers
  83. tell the customer story
  84. know your story and values and live them
  85. focus on the product
  86. remember that changing the world can also mean making someone's life easier
  87. put people before procedures whenever you can
  88. solve customer problems
  89. learn about the ways people respond to your content online
  90. find ways to match your content better with the people who want it (it may cost you more)
  91. educate
  92. entertain
  93. be curious, interested, and interesting
  94. think about the many-to-many relationships in the marketplace
  95. follow through
  96. consider dimensional not just as a direct marketing tool
  97. write great emails
  98. ask permission
  99. encourage sharing by giving the example
  100. mix it up – it's not all about you, make it about the industry, and the people


[image by Tambako the Jaguar]

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0 responses to “Begin Anywhere”

  1. While it is true you can begin anywhere, you should really follow the advice of Maria von Trapp and “start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” which is echoed by the witch’s words to Dorothy to “follow the Yellow Brick Road.”
    There needs to be a structure in how you move, regardless where you start moving.

  2. I should have titled the post: Begin already 😉 I worship at the altar of planning, Ari, I’m a strategist. Yet, I have also seen the effects of analysis paralysis consistently throughout my career. Good of you to visit.

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