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If RSS needs a CMO, CEOs need marketing more than ever.

It is clear in many a conversation about technology — social is a feature. In a mature market, one of the key driving factors to drive business success will be a shift from technology and tools to marketing.

Demand creation means building white spaces vs. drilling black holes.

The next generation of start-up CEOs will need to understand marketing beyond the ability to insert social sharing icons on beta sites — identifying a true market to trade promises in, building a diverse team, and knowing how to account for assets and flows in the business model will create an enduring business.

Which means changing the value equation.

It is indeed a time of great opportunity for new applications and tools because the platforms have stabilized. There is plenty of room and work to be done on archiving and data capture/analysis/utilization, for example.

However, the query set is what matters, and mobile will be accelerating the development of the next generation technologies.

Technology serves business

Without a master plan, without an understanding of the market potential, without the ability to organize around promises, the bits that make up organizations, without a clear business model that goes beyond "built it and they will come" serendipity, creating and supporting trading value will be much harder.

While corporations need to get back to basics — the better the promises in and out, the stronger and more resilient the business — start-ups have an opportunity to get in on commerce the right way.

To do that, they need business models that support trading on promises.

Coming along with a different idea is one of the execution mandates of marketing. In the next issue of Conversation Agent Premium Newsletter, I will:

  • lay out more in depth how to keep the promise focused to build stronger businesses
  • explain why the next CEOs need to understand marketing
  • paint the strategy canvas around matching the content to the situation

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