Where do You do Your Best Thinking?


Where do you do your best thinking?


  • enjoying nature and the outdoors through gardening, conquering a summit, or keeping to a regular physical fitness program
  • immersing yourself in the joys of the palate as a foodie who loves cooking or baking
  • a visual person who explores stories through photography, painting, or even knitting

there are some activities that just get your juices going. Reading fiction has been a good source of inspiration for me, for example, both for thinking and for writing. Running helps kick my ideas up a notch and start visualizing how to make them happen.

The precision and creativity that go with baking make it a form of meditation that brings all senses alive for me — don't you love the scent of chocolate, vanilla, or apple pie?

Composition originates in a combination of thinking and doing, being in flow, and creating. Your preferred way of thinking may also give you an indication of your learning style.

Last week we talked about doing the idea. Where do you get the idea in the first place?

What are your favorite destinations/activities for thinking?


[image courtesy of Davide Restivo]

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