SocialBase Tool Review

Social Business Handbook for the Savvy VC Firm

Do you have trouble executing well-laid plans because social expertise stays “stuck” with the resident expert? How do you help inexperienced employees execute? What problems emerge without a simple way to organize and scale social?

How do you organize, manage and scale social tasks, tools & teams?

This is definitely an issue in large organizations, and it is an opportunity in smaller businesses that are working with agencies and consultants to scale their resources. How do you make sure nothing gets lost in translation or during hand off?

Your strategy pays off during implementation.

From experience, I can tell you don't want to wait until you're in the middle of a program with multiple components to get organized. By then, there is too much going on, and you risk missing opportunities on the tracking and measurement end of things.

How it works

Last Friday, OneForty announced the availability of six handbooks customized for different uses of SocialBase, from community management to startup bootcamp.

These are step-by-step guides written in collaboration with experts in setting up social media programs that can help you hit the ground running in setting up your workflows.

When you sign up for SocialBase, you have the ability to customize your private consul to your specific needs one of the existing templates that come with the handbooks. As Laura Fitton, CEO OneForty, said during our walk-through, the tool never ships empty.

In addition to the material consolidated in the handbooks, you have access to more than 1,200 tool kits, guides, blogs, etc. and the ability to customize the URLs associated with each task to your organization social presences. 

If you want to add a tool to SocialBase, you can do that by using the link in the footer. All the tasks you can add are drag and drop, and you can assign them daily, weekly, and monthly. All the buttons are ready to launch your specific social presence where you intend to post, add, and do the task.

You can pull in your editorial calendar, and integrate Google+, Google Analytics, and generic URLs for other tools. The system administrator handles permissions, and there is live online support.

SocialBase roadmap

In Q4, OneForty plans to integrate the custom URLs with the site vs. the current link on the footer, reporting capabilities, and to add apps API on the sidebar.

A couple of use ideas 

In addition to the 8 practical ways to use SocialBase, you could build a toolkit that includes the links and technologies included in your book. Or you could assemble a toolkit for your next event, and share it with attendees as a leave behind.

You can get really creative and helpful.


SocialBase is available:

  • in 6 Handbook versions
  • in Solo ($20/month), Group ($80/month) and Team ($150/month) versions

And there is a two-month discount for annual subscriptions. If you'd like to give SocialBase a try, OneForty provided a special link for a 30-day free access without needing to input a credit card.


[sample Flybridge VC workflow screen shot courtesy of OneForty]

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