Doing the Idea


Ideas, words, then actions

This is something I go back to often that goes way back in the history of humankind. Take a look at spiritual movements, philosophy, and any kind of revolution and that's what you've got: thinking, saying, and doing.

That's how creative energy moves.

Take technology

Today, we have new tools literally sprouting daily. In fact, many feel so overwhelmed that they started adopting a mindless posting unspoken rule — just like it used to be mindless watching on TV, flipping through networks…

There are more tools than we can try and evaluate, which is why I'm dedicating the July issue of Conversation Agent's Premium Newsletter to re-frame the conversation. Two bonuses with this issue:

  • one day head start on a free 30-day trial of a new platform
  • a copy of an in depth resource on analytics and measurement tools for a dozen subscribers on a first come, first served basis

The point of figuring out a business strategy that works from your ideas is that in a crowded market you need to stand above the competition with truly disruptive stuff and not apart with a "me too" plan done better.

My goal, as always, is to help you think that idea into existence — so you can do it.

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