The 5 Es of Content Marketing

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Summer is the season of opportunity for content publishers. Many sites are slowing down and publishing less. Content aggregators have smaller pickings, too. Which makes it easier to stand out with good content and to gain or build momentum by keeping a regular schedule.

Many of the spring marketing campaigns are all wrapped up, and teams are starting to plan for the fall. Which means Websites, landing pages, and the production of new content for many brands is being temporarily put on hold.

Now is the time to  

Re-energize your content

Here are 5 Es to help you


You're in it for the long haul, or not at all.

This requires a significant level of enthusiasm for your topic. You cannot give 110% if you're not in love with what you're doing, and 100% isn't enough these days. If you don't love your work enough to provide a consistently excellent stream of content, hire someone who does.

Change your topic. Or find another line of work.


This really should go without saying, but a quick scan of virtually any topic vertical will demonstrate that a lot of so-called experts don't understand their topics, or have trouble relating what they know.

Read, research — never stop learning. Learn to use Google Reader, LinkedIn and other networks to scan for content ideas, and follow people in your field. Almost as importantly, follow people in allied fields.

Their perspectives can be illuminating.


Know your readers' needs. To a great extent, this about contextualizing your area of specialty. The is no authority beyond your reader's context. Read your archived content with an eye to relevance and improving it for clarity.

Expand upon some of the loose threads to help your readers catch up with you. Look for opportunities to answer more questions, too.


It's important to be in tune the zeitgeist of your field. The old saying of "zig when the others zag" assume you've covered your zaggy bases.

The unexpected is what delights. Do you have a Liberal Arts degree? Use it. Nothing in your field arose from a vacuum. Feel free to relate the essential and nonessential — to approach your topic with humor, wonder, and curiosity.

Last night on The Bean Cast show, Saul Colt used references to Beyonce' that were pertinent, fun, and thus made his points memorable.


Both yours and the readers. Content creation isn't strictly a mechanical process. Where is your original insight — the synthesis which only you can offer, the product of your thought or experience?

What the world needs is more key ideas, not keywords. If this isn't your goal, the best you can hope for is the highest degree of mediocrity.


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