Does the Battle for the Future of the Web Lie in the Social Experience?

As usual, there are no easy answers. There are, however, better questions.

Do we need more ways to share and spread, or do we need more things worth sharing and spreading? And is the sharing and spreading where the value is?

It's worth recognizing that human nature prompts us to seek to explain and rationalize what happens. And we do that brilliantly, in hindsight. We can package stories so neatly that all they miss is the bow. An early story of social networks focuses on the number of followers and fans.

The New York Times uses a statistic of how many people follow Mr. Zuckerberg on Google+ vs. how many follow Mr. Page as an example… of what exactly? It's a data point in support of a statement about most popular. How does that statement help a business owner decide whether to invest in G+ or not?

We need more ways to make businesses successful. And that is not done with clever. Clever is not going to bring performance.


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