Independence of Thought

We're more than halfway though the year, and now is a good time to share some of the quotes and thought starters I've been using to guide marketing activities so far.

Today it's Independence Day in the U.S. We don't need to be so literal, as many of us continue to spend more and more time in digital media, I'd like to make this a reminder that we can choose independence of thought even as the economic system and our lives are becoming more interdependent.

Independence of thought, in turn, coexists well with working together, connectively.



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0 responses to “Independence of Thought”

  1. Valeria – thank you so much for posting these quotes – exactly what I needed right now, as I’m starting off on a big new marketing project and these were fantastic reminders of what to keep focused on. Much appreciated my friend – have a wonderful and relaxing Fourth of July and I very much look forward to your blog for the rest of the year. Take good care – John

  2. glad they were helpful. I looked for images of foods an piazza from my home town. A place I miss during any kind of holiday, even those that don’t apply there 😉

  3. Love slide 16! In a world where people are very happy to tweet their opinions in sometimes the harshest of ways as a way to show how “smart” they are, I am quoting slide 16 to my team!!!!
    Thanks for posting these Valeria.

  4. Hi Valeria! MOLTO grazie for this! 🙂 Such a delicious mix of wonderful photographs and meaningful quotes. Amongst the quotes – loved Deming, the Gucci family slogan and Earls. The beautiful pics simultaneously gave me itchy feet (to visit Italy again) and made me hungry! Hope your Independence Day was terrific. Thanks again. Best wishes from Downunder!

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