How Content Aggregators Cash in


"[T]he dirty little secret of the media industry is that content aggregators, not content creators, have long been the overwhelming source of value creation.

Well before Netflix was founded in 1997, cable channels that did little more than aggregate old movies, cartoons, or television shows boasted profit margins many times greater than those of the movie studios that had produced the creative content."

[Jonathan Knee argues that "content isn't king"]

Here's why. The most-prevalent sources of industrial strength are the mutually reinforcing competitive advantages of scale and customer captivity. Content creation simply does not lend itself to either, while aggregation is amenable to both.

This week, we'll be talking about how you can achieve both as a content creator. It takes a little bit of extra work and solid planning. It can be done. To get you started thinking in the right direction, see how you can build an online platform by moving past the article to the topic.

When you embrace you're now a publisher, and you work with someone who can help you understand both the upside of producing your own content for inbound marketing purposes, and the costs associated with it. Are you ready to become a media company? Here are some start up costs to consider.

Lots to look forward to this week here at Conversation Agent, starting with my weekly content sponsor post a little later today, then talking about Daily Deals Monday, and so on.

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[photo of slide from Ann Handley's Content Rules presentation at Vocus]

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  1. I really like your title for this post. We have been saying as well that all companies have to become publishers now.
    As a platform that enables companies to become aggregators and re-publishers of curated content, this is music to our ears. But one has to add a lot of value on top of the aggregation. Aggregation is where things start, not where they end.

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