How Facebook Will Steal Your Customers

Facebook_cracked_icon "The idea that a single company has that much control over your digital existence should be enough to scare anyone. Throw in the fact that Facebook is well known for its arbitrary suspending or deleting of accounts  and if their march for dominance on the Web doesn’t worry you … well .. here’s some more kool-aid for you."

[Steve Hodson, codenut]

Do you know what Facebook is going to do with your fan base? Whatever they bloody well please, that's what. They have a track record.

If you felt bad when we asked, how do you feel about Facebook owning your content? How do you feel when Facebook uses your database?

The value of a fan? Yeah, multiply that by 600MM — none of it yours except on borrowed or leased online space. It is a bad idea to put all of your data in any one basket you don't own.

When you build a program that relies solely on your Facebook page and with the main goal to increase the number of fans, guess what? You're doing Facebook a favor.

That database you spent social ad money to attract? It's not YOUR database. It's Facebook's, too.

Building a marketing program around a Facebook page is tempting, and it will allow Facebook to sell access to your customer base to a competitor.


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