Brand Customer Conversation: Real Time Interaction, Insights, and Innovation


The powerful value proposition of social media is the opportunity for a business to transform buyers into customers

Relationships built over time and through familiarity and value offer an alternative to organic attrition rates and the constant cold calls methods in lead generation. If you like to think and talk about benchmarks, this should be on top of your priority list.


Digital communications and interaction create an opportunity for organizations—to transform one time buyers into repeat customers.

Customer interaction

The organization’s journey to customer connection starts with adoption and mastering of digital communication. It goes through collaborative filtering of data and information into knowledge. This in turn informs content creation. The journey results in a business that regained a sense of its social relationships.

Activities that help you practice interaction online:

  • bookmarking, tagging, adding to groups
  • liking, rating, endorsing, voting, commenting
  • blogging, fan community participation, creating videos, podcasting, allowing uploads to sites, encouraging co-creation
  • adding friends, networking, creating a fan community

We talked about using interaction to connect with customers at the J. Boye conference in Philadelphia in May 2010.

How to connect with customers from Valeria Maltoni

Customer insights

Brands and organizations that ask better questions drive deeper insights.


Customer innovation

Companies that innovate are all different. Companies that don’t, are all the same. They fail the fundamentals.


Businesses are value creating systems

Contact-me-today My favorite definition of conversations that connect ideas and people is flipping the question around to get to a new place. With social media, many agencies recommend adding an additional layer of amplification around your business.

Activating your social graph starts when you build one. All organizations are in need of strength, endurance, and resilience. Behave like a human to be of service to your customers. This is how you “humanize” the business.

It starts with looking at the business model as the platform to design the experience for the buyer.