Ground Rules


You probably think that you could not possibly be more connected than you are today.

Tethered at all times, always in search of a plug to recharge various smartphones and other devices, getting your news from the stream, discovering and friending hundreds of people, and reacting to news in real time.

Maybe that's part of the challenge. Maybe, just maybe, you have not caught up to the speed at which information, technology, and change are coming at you. Likely, you're not bilingual and are having a hard time holding two different things in your mind at one time.

Lots of data and information you need to make sense of to compete for work — what are you looking at? In this environment, sense making is preferable to categorizing. As Mike Wagner, CEO, White Rabbit Group, says in this one-hour conversation on the creative leader — you want to figure out what to do when the way is not clear.

The world of best practices you fell in love with in business school is not working so much anymore. Hello good practices and grappling with the emergent and novel in the world of complexity.

Inspired by Mike's talk, here are some

Ground rules

For this news way of thinking — and doing:

  • go, do stuff
  • use safe/fail
  • let go of being right
  • be creative
  • probe, sense, and respond
  • follow the Silver* Rule
  • acknolwedge relationships

You're already wired to recognize relationships. For everything else there's the Golden Rule.


* This is my trademark rule: bring your best self to connections

[hat tip to Mike Wagner for this schematic]

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