Video Presentations and Interviews

Having spent two decades on the corporate side of brands -– working with many renown agencies –- Valeria Maltoni offers deep insight and vision on a variety of business topics. An accomplished public speaker, she provides inspirational conference and dynamic panel experiences.


Ignite SxSW Tech 2021: Uploading Humanism

OF COURSE there are women in tech, and their agenda is precisely the same as men. 

The shift will occur when instead of thinking — and talking about — the inherently sexist idea of women (or men) in tech, we focus instead on the co-creation aspects. Think of that as the creative spirit, which traditionally is expressed in feminine poetic terms.

THAT is what we need. Balanced humanism is what we need as active agent in increasing the options, choices, and possibilities of others. That is what technology wants. (Running time: 5:40, embeddable)


Strategy is Motivation

Valeria talks about the concept of buyers vs. customers, and the process she uses when working with organizations to meet their goals.

The most frequently asked questions teams ask during a strategic engagement range from learning what best practices like companies use online, to how to respond in a crisis situation. Yet, by far, the biggest challenge organizations face is that of building continuity and consistency in their interactions.

A YouTube video filmed at SxSW Interactive 2011 by Simon Mainwaring of We First (Running time 5:47, embeddable).


Transform Buyers into Customers

Valeria talks about the opportunity that organizations have using new technologies and social media — transforming buyers into customers. A YouTube video filmed at SxSW Interactive 2011 by genConnect (Running time 3:19).


Finding the Right Social Media Influencers

More WebProNews Videos

Valeria talks about influencers. Many companies go after the famous people online. Although these people do have a lot of influence, they are probably not the best option for your business. On the other hand, companies should be looking for the people that already care about their brand and are passionate about it. These are the people that will provide the most powerful influence. A video filmed at the Inbound Marketing Summit by WebProNews (Running time: 10:17, original)


Building Social Media from Within

SunGard: Building Social Media from Within, by Valeria Maltoni; presented by GasPedal and the SMBC from GasPedal and on Vimeo.

Valeria explains how she made marketing and communications accountable to senior management and worked with internal stakeholders to implement social media — with results. A YouTube video filmed at BlogWell by the Social Media Business Council (Running time 20:35).


Writing Engaging Content for the Web

Valeria explains how you get the organization engaged in writing content for the Web — and involve customers in the process. A YouTube video filmed at the Inbound Marketing Summit by (Running time 23:35, embeddable).


Fast Company Interview

Valeria explains how the most powerful way for a brand to become “sticky” is to give customers a platform to talk with the brand — and each other. A YouTube video filmed by Wendy Piersal (Running time 5:48, embeddable).