[YouTube, 8:26] Committing to anything is scarier than entertaining a thought and standing on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment, whenever that is. When you think of an idea at first, probably while going on a run, or you're driving, taking a walk, or during an activity that doesn't involve thinking creatively. It just happens.

You feel a little buzz inside when you think of a really good one that will change things. In some cases, you even start figuring out next steps and warming up to the process. You come to with that grin on your face, like someone who just fell in love. Then… you forget how it felt, and go about your day.

Coming up with that kind of idea has your full attention. Usually it has a lot to do with not forgetting and not being forgotten — legacy. As Jonathan Harris says in this project, Today, your greatest creation, no matter where you are and what you do, is going to be your life story

What he says towards the end of his narrative/voice over, how he felt the project took control over him and by the end was running his life, how he wanted to stop and contemplate experiences without having to post — he wanted some space.

Stories are a way to process and share information, and how we feel about things. Especially in business and organized experiences, there is a real lack of storytelling. We are living fragmented lives. Often without enough pause to contemplate creative ideas.

When he says — you need privacy, space to contemplate and grow — that is also valid for organizations. I think there is this tension between individual and collective, private thought process, and collaborative effort, speed of action, and pause for thoughtful reflection that is never acknowledged.

Is your business lifestreaming? Story is the connective tissue.


[hat tip BBH Labs]

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