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I'm catching up on some of the recent product launches and news and came across a couple of posts by Mathew Ingram discussing Google's social woes — both trying to be more social and attempting to influence us to add social validation to our online behavior.

I'm thinking that it will actually be easier for them to figure out how to help us add social behavior across our online activities, than it will be for an organization made up of engineers to become more fuzzy and social in its behavior.

Although not mutually exclusive, social demands a different mindset than search.

Google is not unlike many other organizations that are looking to take advantage of new tools for promotional purposes. Then have a hard time connecting with the fact that different patterns will at some point create the need for different skill sets and behaviors on the inside.

Communication gaps

Emarketermarketingmixy1 To be sure, U.S. organizations are understanding the need for better communications with employees and customers.

They are still however a bit awkward in implementing based upon those needs. On the global front, things are more challenging due to structural differences.

We're still a way from people tweeting the company's mission statement, and it's not only because they are longer than 140 characters.

I have been in the room when some of those statements where crafted, very carefully, by a select few in upper management.

If you seek to become more social as an organization, you start from how you approach all your communications on the inside.

When marketers report on budgets and spending for social, they rarely consider internal or even customer communications as part of those increases.

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0 responses to “Desperately Seeking Social”

  1. Valeria, I totally agree with you on the differences between search and social.
    I also agree that “If you seek to become more social as an organization, you start from how you approach all your communications on the inside” and that you need to consider spending more on both internal and external communications when it comes to social.
    However, I am finding more companies doing just that, particularly when they see negative comments using either paid or free listening/monitoring tools. The light goes off and they know they have to become more proactive. That not only requires training and revamping customer service, it also means setting social media goals for all the various departments of the organization. I am working with one organization right now and we are doing just that. The CEO is investing both time and money so that the company becomes inherently social at all levels and more responsive to their customers.
    It is a whole new world for companies and social media . . . and it is great to have your active voice helping businesses figure out the way!

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