Would you Like to Be Enchanting?

This will be my third year at SxSW. It sounds like it will be even bigger than past years, so I wanted to remind you about my session about influence, be my guest. Here are 21 things you can do at a conference with many good additional tips in the comments.

I've been working on understanding the social triggers and nuances for a long time and I do look forward to your feedback and reactions. I think I can safely say it's my life's work. It converges nicely with designing organizations and networks and my love and interest for connecting.

After the conference, we will start digging into the next era of media and content.

Would you like to be enchanting?

My mother taught me to leave a place and person in a better condition than I found them. That was excellent advice and it continues to serve me well at work and in life. What she wa talking about was not always easy to do, yet repeating it as a mantra and seeing her example made it easier.

That is one reason why Guy Kawasaki makes such compelling reading in his just-released book — Enchantment (Amazon affiliate link). Based upon his experience, he makes the case for bringing about a voluntary, enduring, and delightful change in other people in business and in your personal life.

Going beyond just what you want is good practice for enrolling others on your behalf by being enchanting. Enchanting wins every time with your customers, colleagues and even your boss. Based upon my experience with Guy, he lives his story.

This book is about influence and contains a lot of advice you can test and apply immediately. Guy has even created a realistic enchantment aptitude test. What I find most enchanting about Guy is that he finds ways to let people know he's paying attention to them. That is memorable.

The one thing I am working on is asking for reciprocation — specific favors when I know people can do them. I agree with Guy, it is a good practice and relieves pressure on the recipient when you provide a way to repay debt.

On the other hand, I caution you on asking for favors too early on in your relationship — and by relationship, I don't mean someone just followed you on Twitter. As well, when you make promises to a friend, follow through. Your relationship will suffer if you don't.

My philosophy with connections is about looking way into the future. Here's to being and becoming enchanting.


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