Interviews and Articles


Turn to Twitter for Quick Customer Service, interview about customer service best practices on Twitter, USA Weekend, October 2010. (Link to article)

How to Get the Most Our of a Conference, interview, Inc., September 2010. (Link to article)

Letters to the C-Suite, social media marketing advice by 12 prominent thought leaders published by ExactTarget in March 2010. My contribution on page 10 centers upon business strategy — influencing outcomes by integrating people, processes, and technology. (Browsable document at Scribd)

Strength in Numbers, a feature article published by Communications World in their November/December, 2009, issue. When PR partners with advertising and marketing online, you and your audience can have a much more engaging and interactive experience. (Browsable document at Scribd, downloadable PDF version available)

Female Power Brands: An Interview with Valeria Maltoni. Interview published in Personal Branding Magazine, May, 2009. Based on her philosophy that customer relationships are conversations, Valeria is a strong advocate of social media – as an enaler of conversations. In this interview, she shares how her extensive experience in corporate conversations and social media transfers to the arena of personal branding. (Browsable document at Scribd, downloadable PDF version available)

Learning from Technology Titans: An interview with Valeria Maltoni in Enterprising Women magazine. “Your markerting results are exponentially better when customers are given the opportunity to give feedback and access the conversation.” (Browsable document at Scribd, downloadable PDF version available)

Writing the conversation: How social media is redefining PR’s content creation (PRSA). Valeria Maltoni is cited in this article from the Public Relation Society of America. The explosion of social media, combined with the decline of traditional media, presents a new challenge for PR writing. (Browsable document at Scribd, original article is here)

Introduction to “Working and Writing in Groups” was published in Ohio State University Prof. Locker’s Business and Administrative Communications, 6/e (2003, McGraw-Hill).

Italian management consulting firm Trivioquadrivio has published essays I authored (Italian) on Distance in Conversations, Make it Real – Authenticity is for Profit, and Representation as Creation, on the increasing importance of social networks and blogs, between 2001-2003

Fearless in Philly, interview with Fast Company magazine fatured in the print edition June 2001. (Link to article)