My Favorite 2010 Christmas Ads

We'll pick up our conversation on influence with the analysis of and discussion with Klout when we get back from the holidays. Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to share some of the Christmas ads I favor so far this year. If you have favorites, feel free to share those links in the comments.

This one is the most fun, it's in French, you'll get what it's about easily enough (discl: Stella/AB-InBev is a client). What do I like most about it? The art is magnificent. The set up makes you want to take a sip, doesn't it? Take a look [YouTube link].

Then there is a classic reinvented: Scrooge played by Derek Jacobi for Sony.

And finally, this one from John Lewis with everyday people thinking about their families that I find quite moving.

I don't watch television, ever. And these ads are running over in Europe anyway. So I would not see them if I did. Except for being able to search them online. What was life before the Internet and the world wide web?

Want to find more? Check out this search I saved for you. Which ones are your favorites?


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  1. Good lord, that Artois one was outstanding! (And the Boxer one — once I got it — was pretty funny, too.)

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