2010 Marketing in Quotes

Or when a technologist, an experience designer, an economist, a planner, a sociologist, and a communicator walk into a bar…

Marketing continues to evolve and to integrate different aspects of technology, the study of human behavior, and the entrepreneurial spirit that ignites people to try lots of stuff out in the present and near term. Who knows what will happen in the next five years?

Succeeding in the current environment means being ready to have a very personal relationship with technology, and continuing to go back to the future — human connections rule. What are the trends I looked to highlight in this presentation?

  • conditioning trumps control, we are rediscovering the power of purpose
  • doing something worth remembering and contributing means shipping product
  • finding meaning is more than a necessity, it's a lifestyle change
  • thinking in real time is the product of interaction. It changes how we need to think about building products
  • experimentation rules
  • adoption of technology is changing our mindsets along with shifting our patterns of consumption
  • doing our best work equals doing things that are self-defining and synonymous with our brand values, mission, and strategy 
  • sharing assertions as givens should bear closer examination and qualification
  • customer-centricity is also focusing on the value of the customer experience as the engine that drives retention and positive word of mouth
  • connecting happens by using "oomph" in communications and owning a point of view
  • learning and being social are the two main reasons why people use social networks
  • focusing on experiences helps improve relationships between customers and brands in a more organic and natural way 
  • finding relevance means rosonating and creating a movement vs. short term buzz
  • achieving common goals is done through shared interests

It's a work in progress. A metatheme I am observing is the return to a product-focused culture in many new entrants. Start-ups and early stage companies alike are busily at work to ship software and tools that will enhance individual and organizations use of social networks for business.

I will delve into a more coherent post about this metatheme when I've had the chance to verify my own hunch and evidence. Meanwhile, enjoy and spread this post. I'm curious to learn about your reactions and those of your network.

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  1. A few years ago (or was it just yesterday?) many brands were hesitant to be social on social media, since there was little evidence available to forecast ROI or to benchmark performance. As I recall, many of those brands eventually entered the social sphere, but used it as a broadcast mechanism more than a platform for dialogue.
    I think that now, with lessons learned and a follower count, these brands are looking for resources, philosophies, tools and communities to really, truly engage on social media.
    However, as these brands enhance their use of social media for business, I sincerely hope they recognize that, as in other forms of conversation, people don’t like being interrupted. People don’t always appreciate an “uninvited party” joining their conversations. People don’t generally like spin. Many that don’t knowingly practice marketing, have never heard of “online reputation management” but have heard of Big Brother. You know, cluetrain manifesto stuff.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful content and thought-provocation!

  2. Hi Valeria,
    My take on the metatheme comes down to the question of how you win hearts and wallets.
    For many years we’ve intuitively thought that the battle was fought before the sale and won when the goods/services were handed over ( the focus of traditional marketing).
    Perhaps we’re coming to relise the paradox that the the much bigger and more strategic battle has always taken place after the sale. (the focus of social media).
    Social Media just lets us tag and trace.

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