Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton Conversations are meant to take people to a new place and #kaizenblog has done that for me as the chat founder, and for Elli St. George Godfrey, who will carry it forward.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of kaizen and what it does in the same word with blogging, my initial post provided the framework.

Why kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvements in all aspects of life. Its characteristics are:

  • daily activity with a purpose that goes beyond improvement in productivity
  • when done correctly, the process humanizes the workplace
  • it's about micro productivity that eliminates overly hard work all at once
  • focuses on people

Zen means both attaining wisdom through action, and doing the right thing.

Chat evolution

I started the chat in July 2009 to offer a space for conversations about these themes and how they show up in business, marketing/communications, and in our lives. The hashtag was registered on What the Hashtag? and on the Twitter chat list. Soon dozens and hundreds of contributors joined and added to the group.

Elli agreed to become the co-host at the end of April of this year. The rest is history, as they say. With our complementary styles and networks, we had productive and energizing conversations with all of you. The community embraced the themes and content and both of our contributions.

Elli has made my continued contribution possible all these months, especially since I started in my new role at Powered.

Passing the baton

People cannot discover new ocaeans until they have the courage to lose sight of the shore. It's time for me to pass the baton to Elli to carry it to what's next.

I'm pleased that this exploration with #kaizenblog so far has been beneficial to all of you with me as part of it. I've enjoyed the brainstorming and learning, the partnership with Elli, and appreciate the way she stepped up as co-host to make the chat a success.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Elli for the support and counsel, and for understanding my need to continue on my journey and direction. I hope you will, too. The chat is in good and capable hands.

Ebbs and flows are there to provide opportunity and capacity for other projects and potential paths. I am presently in flow on a project that requires some ebb on this activity.

It's not goodbye, just arrivederci, as I will be a participant from time to time. There is no expiration date on friendship and community — we provide motivation for each other as necessary. You know where the real change is, within you.

Thank you again for making a contribution to the chat.


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0 responses to “Passing the Baton”

  1. Valeria,
    I really have enjoyed the #kaizenblog chats I’ve participated in and it’s such an extension of you, your philosophy as a business person, and community leader. Elli has been an excellent addition and know she will carry ‘the baton’ well, in the same spirit and quality of discussion that you have established. I look forward to #kaizenblog having a long and insightful future. Thank you for blazing this trail.

  2. Valeria,
    It’s been a real pleasure partnering with you on #kaizenblog! Thanks for the strong vote of confidence in taking on the baton as I host the chat. May your travels be interesting! You are always, of course, welcome to drop in and share your wisdom. You will be missed!We will endeavour to explore and not take anything for granted as we deepen our way of doing business and understanding ourselves.
    Blessings and may the road rise to meet you!

  3. Thanks Valeria! Although the time difference b/w the northern hemisphere and Downunder meant that the #kaizenblog discussions occurred in the wee hours when I was sleeping – I’ve always enjoyed reading the transcripts. Thanks for all your work on this and good luck Elli! Am sure #kazienblog will continue to build. Best wishes!

  4. @RaynaNyc – I’m glad you were able to attend some of the chats, which, as many observed, are more conversation than Q&A. We used the questions to keep the flow going, and as thought starters. There will be another project for me in coming months.
    @Elli – I plan to drop by as much as I can. True spirit of inquiry is not taking anything for granted, and I look forward to seeing the chat’s next incarnation with excitement.
    @Anne – thankfully, Elli is very good about following up with posts and setting up the chat. I tend to be more casual with all that. perhaps my Italian nature, or the fact that I am deeply comfortable with improvisation, for which I am constantly preparing 😉 Good to know the material is useful to you.

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