Top 10 Reasons Conan O’Brien’s Social Media Stuff is Better than Yours

guest post by Chris Baskind


10. More La Bamba, less La Bimbo

9.   Wednesday's 24 hour webcast didn't require "free" registration

8.   Dancing tacos

7.   Conan is having fun; you're "engaging" customers

6.   Conan's staff is on a mission; yours has a mission statement

5.   When you're on basic cable, nobody expects much from you

4.   Conan seamlessly integrates YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You seamlessly integrate Management, Sales, and Marketing

3.   Conan's team started their social media effort three months prior to launch. You started yours three days after

2.   We're using a Dave Letterman shtick to talk about Conan O'Brien, but it doesn't seem to matter

and the #1 Reason Conan O'Brien's social media stuff is better than yours

1.   It's the hair
[image of the new Conan logo]

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0 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Conan O’Brien’s Social Media Stuff is Better than Yours”

  1. “Having fun and engaging customers.”
    That’s the best thing any company can do to try to connect with prospects and fans online. Put down the mega-phone, have fun and just plain ol’ connect as you would when you’re connecting with a friend.

  2. Great list. Reading through it, I couldn’t help but think that a lot of them could ladder up to Conan being genuine – a key part of social media, and often missed by others.

  3. @Ricardo – they are doing so many things right and I was glad Chris focused on what’s happening there, even as we were having fun on Friday.
    @Ben – performers understand how to make a connection with the public. Marketers could use a few lessons.

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