Do You Suppose They Have an App for Strategy?


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Part of the reason why I love what I do is the opportunity to help clients see the difference between calling all things strategy and doing the work to uncover the levers we can pull to help connect a company in social media and a business to its lifeblood—engaged employees, loyal customers, advocates and evangelists, etc.

The cartoon was part of a collaborative project with Eloqua, now part of Oracle.  They allowed me to illustrate the difference and to inaugurate the first guest submission.

Do you suppose they have an app for strategy?

Laughter is the shortest distance between people.


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  1. You get bonus points for being right and funny at the same time. I love using the funny in my blog posts, wish there was an app for that.
    Humor does connect, laughter is the best medicine.. which is why campaigns like Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man or @OldSpice take on a “viral” life of their own.
    Back to the point of the post, you can have the tools (Twitter), the talent (PR and SM pros) but without knowing the game (strategy).. you’re playing in the dark. FWIW.

  2. Companies have strategy, but not enough trust in the people (the “juniors”) who run TweetSpaceBookIn to tell them what the strategy is.
    Because, you know, if you tell them what the strategy is, they might implement it!

  3. The reality is that using these new media for marketing is still new enough that most of us are still learning what SM can do. I suspect the majority who’ve hung out their shingles as “SM experts” have just taken courses or read up on what is going on over the past 12 months. There aren’t enough true experts to go around–yet.
    So in the meantime, humor really is required as we find our way. It’s a great way to communicate concepts without sounding pedantic.
    Thank you!

  4. @Davina – thank you, you’re very kind. We are at our best when we find a way to teach and not preach. It’s a delicate balance and something to aim for. Certainly, I don’t know what I don’t know 😉 Well put in your translation of the points in the post.
    @Ike – good point, many do have this kind of self-inflicting behavior. Habit, assumptions, who knows?
    @Lisa – it’s early days in human development, too. Glad you appreciated the balance we tried to strike.
    @Michael – as humans, we’re all in some place along the learning and opportunity spectrum. Literacy and examples in our lives provide the environment part. We share the same genes with everyone else. And when I can laugh at myself with others, I feel I operate at a more compassionate and inclusive level.

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