Guy Walks Across America in Less than 2 Minutes, Gains More than 1.2MM Views

In one week. Or how to take an idea, parse it into 2,770 still photos from digital footage, and make it a reality. I am constantly fascinated by new executions that are pulled off nicely. And this is a really good one. 2,969 comments on the YouTube page (at the time of publishing) say it stirred conversation.

The #2 mistake that many companies make with content, is that they develop an ego-centric point of view. Or they don't take into consideration the changing nature of their customer base. This journey across America, along with other initiatives by the company, is putting Levi's back on the map for the way we are, so to speak.


Levi's new "go forth" campaign by W+K showcases America's struggling workers and hopefully helps Braddock, PA while it redeems Levi's from pulling an Abercrombie & Fitch in print a year earlier. As PSFK reports, they are donating more than a million dollars to assist the town with
renovating a community center, as well as other planned initiatives
which require grit, sweat, and more than a few nights of overtime. To
bring attention to their efforts, footage from the town’s renewal will
be featured in an hour long show sponsored by Levi’s to appear online
and on the IFC and Sundance cable channels

This initiative reminds me of the Brunello Cucinelli philosophy and work.

Check out how the crew managed to compress that long a trip into less than two minutes [watch on YouTube here]. Levi's also has a Facebook fan page with more than 500,000 fans, pardon likes, and Twitter guy and girl accounts. Meghan Smith, the girl, won a Levi's contest.

The brand's new strategy is targeted engagement, from mass media buys to individual likes. Will the new campaign move the needle at the register? Will the guy walking across America gain more than views? 

One thing is for sure, we should never judge a campaign from our own buying habits.

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  1. Thanks for this assessment Valeria. I just posted on the topic the other day myself. I was unaware of the “go forth” campaign which helps provide a bit more context but I also can’t help but feel that there were some key missed opportunities with this specific effort.

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