Mini cake

In addition to asking you to think about literacy, I wanted to share a few thoughts about birthdays.

They are:

  • the line you cross between idea and execution
  • the milestones in the project of life and thus
  • opportunities to pause, reflect, and celebrate
  • gifts — if you're having one, you're alive
  • special appointments with the lives of others
  • something we all have in common
  • occasions to recognize world leaders, historical figures, scientists, poets, along with ordinary people
  • one more reason to be social, share, and give
  • reminders that time, although abstract, is precious
  • other…

I'm sure you have many more. Add them in the comments, and I'll pick the most creative ones to insert in the post.

[image of Bailey and Dutch cocoa mini cake]

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0 responses to “Birthdays”

  1. Thank you, both.
    A simple invitation to get to know each other and talk about birth of ideas and projects continues to be overlooked. Maybe because it looked like work 😉

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