Money Talks

For_love_or_for_money_2 Political races are similar to marketing campaigns — the results can be designed in the process by degree of spending and effort.

The presidential candidates have been all over the news, and the news has been mostly about one thing and one thing only — cash. Check out the headlines:

Money is Going to Talk in 2008 The Washington Post as early as March 2006

Many political operatives are expecting that the gradual breakdown of the public funding system — federal funds in exchange for spending limits — that has taken place in recent years will become complete in 2008. The result would be candidates in both parties racing far past old spending records, and facing new pressure to begin raising money far in advance of the election year.

Iowa Leads in 2008 Campaign AdsUSA Today

That more money is being spent is hardly surprising. Candidates are raising amounts of cash that are shattering previous records.

Campaigns Prepare for Big Spending Spree — the Associated Press

The first two quarters of the year, a gauge of fundraising and organizational ability, saw the leading candidates raise whopping sums and build vast networks of donors. But the next three months will be big-spending ones. How much candidates have in the bank will signal how well positioned they are to compete.

Obama to Beat Hillary Clinton in Fundraising Again —

Obama's fundraising success is being fueled to a large extent by his success in bringing in contributions from small donors.

This is the topic of today's post at FC Expert blogs. It is no secret that you will obtain growth and results in proportional amounts of investment and generous measures of attention. Where you are focusing your efforts? There is where it shows.